Application Telemetry Disclosure

Last Updated: February 22, 2021

It's helpful for us to gain some insight into how you use our app so we can focus on features you use most and quickly detect bugs and performance issues. We can do this seemlessly if you agree to allow us to collect a few anonymous usage metrics. We honor your privacy and do not collect any personal information. You are prompted to opt-in to analytics the first time the app is launched and can change this setting anytime in Preferences.

We use two analytics vendors to collect and report the metrics from our application.

Metrics we collect:

  • Application launched
  • Export success, failure and cancellation
  • License activation, removal and failure
  • Microsoft Outlook version compatibility warning, version change, access permission denied
  • Feedback tendered
  • Telemetry enabled and disabled
  • External web pages opened - purchase license and release notes
  • Crash reports

Metadata includes:

  • Application version number
  • Microsoft Outlook version number
  • License type
  • Distribution channel
  • Beta participant or not
  • Export selection type
  • Export content format
  • Export file format
  • Export message count bucket
  • Export duration bucket

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